Safety, Health and Environment are the key words in the present day world. Fire safety, toxic emissions and environment contaminants are of great concern the world over resulting in stricter test standards and restrictions on use of additives that can be used to impart Fire retardancy. Stringent Emission norms require low smoke and non toxic gas generation.

All these factors make the task formulation very difficult. At times, these formulations are a blend of as many as ten different additives.

IOCL with its vast experience in the field of fire retardants and access to a wide range of additives offers “One Pack” formulations to compounders and plastic processors.

IOCL offers Formulation Packages for the following applications:

  • FRP composites based on Unsaturated Polyesters & Epoxy resins
  • FRLS Cable compounds
  • Poly Urethane Slab Stock, Molded as well as Rigid foams
  • Coating compounds for Textiles and PVC leather cloth
  • Poly Propylene and other Engineering Plastics

In case we do not have a ready made solution for customer’s need then IOCL can work with the customer to develop a suitable formulation.

IOCL can also manufacture formulations based on customer recipe and we guarantee absolute confidentiality in such cases.