Flame guard NCT (PM) is a non-reactive, non-durable phosphorous & Nitrogen based flame retardant, which can be used to treat a wide range of synthetics fabrics & its blends.

Fabrics after treatment with Flame Guard NCT (PM) will not catch moisture or there will not be any corrosive action on the metal.

Chemical & Physical

Appearance Transparent light greenish color liquid
Solid Content 60+/- 2%
pH 6.8 to 7.0
Composition Proprietary composition consisting of Nitrogen and
Phosphate based Flame retardant additives


It has excellent use in Textiles (100% Polyester and Polyester + Cotton), as a non-durable Flame retardant.

Recommended method of Application

Dip and squeeze method - Make 20 - 35% solution in water of Flame Guard NCT (PM) and dip the fabric into the above soln and after ensuring uniform absorption of the soln, padding and drying of the fabric at 120 - 150O C.

  • Actual dosage of Flame Guard NCT (PM) to be taken for dilution will depend upon the GSM (gms/sq. meter) and the water absorption capacity of the fabric. For higher GSM (>400) fabric 20% dosage of Flame Guard NCT (PM) will be sufficient.
  • For the fabric with poor water absorbing properly, higher dosage of Flame Guard NCT (PM) (~ 30%) will be required). Also it is required to wash fabric properly before treatment with Flame Guard NCT (PM) with detergent to remove any residual, oil from the surface

Important Note 1: The flame retardant effect on the fabric after treatment with Flame
Guard NCT(PM) is likely to godown after any contact of water on the fabric

Note 2: The strength of the PC fabric like tearing strength after treatment with Flame Guard NCT(PM) is likely to decrease, similar to any other chemical treatment like Bleaching. To minimize the change in the color shade after treatment with Flame Guard NCT(PM) the drying/curing temp can be kept around 1200c.


Standard packing - 25 kg Plastic container,
We can also supply in special packing as per customer’s requirement.


Store in clean & dry cool place with proper name, weight trade mark and batch number. Recommended to use within 3 months after purchase.