Flame Guard P-016 is a highly efficient FR formulation specifically developed for Production of Flexible FR Polyurethane moulded and slab stock foams.

Flame Guard P-016, which is in paste form, is an optimum combination of Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Bromine & Chlorine based FR additives.

As this product contains reactive hydroxyl groups and works with low dosage, hence production of FR moulded flexible foam using the same is cost effective and Physical properties of the FR moulded flexible foams are not affected.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Physical Appearance White Paste
Viscosity @ 25oC around 8000 cps
Hydroxyl No. (mgKOH/gm ) around 350
% Moisture 0.5% max


Suitable for application in flexible moulded PU foam and slab stock foam for passing stringent FR regulations such as IS 7888 & UL-94 class HF1 & HF2.

Guideline Formulation & Recommended dosage

Flame Guard P-016 is recommended to be pre-mixed in Polyol at 15-phr dosage w.r.t. Polyol under stirring. This pre-mixed Polyol with Flame Guard P-016 is to be fed in to the Polyol tank.

As Flame Guard P-016 contains reactive Hydroxyl groups, hence ratio of Polyol + Flame Guard P-016 to be taken for reacting with Isocynate need not be changed.

For Flexible slab stock foam to pass UL-94, HF1 standard will require dosage of more than 30 phr of Flame Guard P-016 in Polyol.


Standard packing – 10 kg / 25 kg Plastic container, 25 kg plastic conipails.