Aqueous dispersion of FR additives along with the binder.



Appearance White colored emulsion
Solid content 70 ±2 %
pH 6.5 to 7.0
Composition Proprietary composition consisting of halogenated and non-halogenated
FR additive, non-ionic softening agent and acrylate based binder.


It is used for Flame retardant treatment for white color Tarpaulin fabrics (Cotton, Polyester & Polyester-cotton). It can also be used along with Fluorocarbon based water repellent for FR+WR treatment to Tarpaulin fabrics. In case of color tarpaulin the original color will be faded after the treatment, though it may be possible to adjust the color shade by adding suitable pigment in the padding bath.


It is to be used by Padding method for Flame retardant & water repellent treatment to 100% cotton or Polyester cotton tarpaulin fabrics, the recommended recipe as follows.

* Flame Guard P-030 = 35-40%
@ Water = 60%
# Fluorocarbon based WR = 2-3%

* : Dosage of Flame Guard P-030 can be increased / decreased by 5% depending on the
Flame retardency-rating requirement.

@: Water used for dilution should be de-mineralized or soft water

#: Fluorocarbon WR to be added if combined FR +WR treatment is to be given otherwise, only dilution with 60% water is sufficient for only FR treatment.

Ensure that Tarpaulin fabric before FR+WR treatment is free from any oil or grease and water is being absorbed in the fabric easily. If absorbency of the fabric is not good pre washing & drying of tarpaulin with suitable detergent to remove any grease or oil is recommended.

The Flame Guard P-030 before use is to be stirred well and diluted with required water and then Fluorocarbon is to be mixed under stirring. Generally pH adjustment is not necessary, If final pH of the soln is between 6.5-7.0, but if required depending on the pH requirement of fluorocarbon water repellents pH recommendation, it can be adjusted using Acetic acid or Ammonia.

The above soln is to be prepared under stirring and the Tarpaulin fabric is to be padded with the above soln and dried at 1000C and then cured at 150oC for 3 minutes. Ensure that dry pick up after curing is min 15%. If dry pickup is found to be less than 15% then Flame Guard P-030 dosage in the above formulation is to be increased by 5% or padding pressure is to be decreased to achieve the desired dry pick up.


Standard packing - 25 kg plastic wide mouth carboy.
We can also supply in special packing as per customer’s requirement.

Storage & Handling

Store in clean & dry cool place with proper name, weight trade mark and batch number. Recommended to use within 3 months after purchase.