Flame Guard M-013 is a combination of melamine derivative and other non-halogenated synergist mainly developed as effective non-halogenated Flame retardant derivative for Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 (filled and un-filled)

Chemical Name Proprietary
Physical appearance Fine, white, crystalline powder

Physical and Chemical Properties

Moisture max. 0.5%
pH value 5.5-6.5
Specific gravity 1.80 g/cc
Bulk density 0.8 – 0.9 gm/cc
Solubility in water max. 0.001 g/100 ml H2O @ 20oC
Particle size D50% max. 4 um
D98% max. 25 um


Flame Guard M-013 is recommended as effective non-halogenated flame retardant for Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 filled and unfilled grade and also for polycarbonate (PC) resin.

Recommended Dosage

  • For 30% Glass filled Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 for V0 rating, recommended dosage is 30-35%
  • For unfilled and 20-25% Glass filled Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 Recommended dosage is 15-20% for VO rating.
  • For PC 10-15% for V0 rating.

Note: Suitable coupling agent will be required, to be used alongwith the above formulations.


Standard packing - 25 kg plastic carboy.
We can also supply in special packing as per customer’s requirement.