Antimony Trioxide - IND STAR CPO – 25

Physical Charateritics
Appearance Creamy off white color Translucent liquid.
Solid content (110OC for 1 hr.) 25 +/- 1 %
Viscosity 15 cps max.
Particle size (Transmission Electron Microscope) 50 nm max. (By TEM)
Chemical Charateritics
Chemical formula Sb2O5
Antimony Pentoxide (expressed as Sb2O5) 25 +/- 1%
Sb Content (Calculated) 20 +/- 1%
Sb2O3 0.10 % max.
Lead 0.02 % max.
Arsenic 0.01 % max.
Iron 0.005% max.


  • Flame-retardant synergist for use in textile, tissues, paper, paints and in all applications where water is acceptable.
  • Fine particle size provides more efficient flame retardant characteristics than standard Antimony Trioxide grades.
  • Stability and low viscosity of the suspension offer practical advantages.
  • Due to the very fine particle size (less than the wavelength of light), the product has a lower tinting strength than standard Antimony Trioxide.


Standard packing - 25 kg plastic carboy. We can also supply in special packing as per customer’s requirement.


Store in clean and dry place with proper name, weight, trade mark and batch number.