Antimony Trioxide - IND STAR PO 100

Physical Charateritics
Appearance Off white – Yellowish Creamy powder
Avg. Particle Size (Fisher Avg.) 6 - 10 Microns
Moisture (105 +/-.5oC for 1 hr.) 0.5 % max.
Tinting Strength Very low (translucent)
Retention on 80 mesh test sieve A.A.S
Chemical Charateritics
Chemical formula Sb2O5 .3H2O
Antimony Pentoxide (expressed as Sb2O5) 80.0% min.
Sb2O3 1.0 % max.
Pb 0.1 % max.
As 0.02% max.
Fe 0.005% max.


  • Used as flame retardant in Plastics, such as PVC, FRP etc, where translucency is to be maintained.
  • Generally in PVC, 6 to 7% of the product gives the oxygen index of 29 to 30, while keeping the translucency of the PVC sheet intact.
  • In FRP, 6 to 7% of the product along with halogenated compounds such as CPW (70%), 10 to 15% gives the V0 rating.


Standard packing - 25 kg HDPE Laminated Paper bags. We can also supply in special packing as per customer’s requirement.


Store in clean and dry place with proper name, weight, trade mark and batch number.