Ind star CPO – 25 (S) is a Pale yellow to yellow color transparent aqueous liquid.

Physical Characteristics

Appearance Pale yellow to yellow almost transparent
pH 6 - 7
Particle size
(Transmission Electron Microscope)
10 nm max. (By TEM)

Chemical Characteristics

Chemical formula Sb2O5 Combined with stabilizers
Antimony Pentoixde (expressed as Sb2O5) 27 +/-1%
Sb Content
20 +/-1%
Sb2O3 0.3 % max.
Lead 0.02 % max.
Arsenic 0.01 % max.
Iron 0.005% max.
% Transmission at 710 nm 80% min.


  • Ind star CPO – 25 (S) is an effective passivator against trace amounts of Nickel in FCC feed.
  • Ind star CPO – 25 (S) is added to FCC feed to reduce the adverse effects of Nickel on FCCU catalyst. Traces of Nickel in the FCC feed get incorporated in to the catalyst as the sulfide and act as re-hydrogenation catalyst. Too much hydrogen overloads the gas plant and limits through put. Antimony also is incorporated into the catalyst and poisons Nickel’s ability to act as a de-hydrogenation catalyst.
  • Although the hydrogen effect is the most predominant harmful effect, Nickel also increases coke make and decreases gasoline conversion. Ind star CPO – 25 (S) metal passivator counter acts these two lesser effects of Nickel on FCCU catalysts.
  • Ind star CPO – 25 (S) metal passivator is injected into the feed to the FCC at an Sb/Ni wet ratio of 0.25 – 0.55. Optimization is based on hydrogen make per barrel.


Standard packing - 5 kg Plastic container, 25 kg plastic carboy.
We can also supply in special packing as per customer’s requirement.

Storage & Handling

Store in clean and dry place with proper name, weight, trade mark and batch number.