Masterbatches Division

  • Total Capacity of 2500 mt
  • 3 lines equipped with state of the art Twin Screw Extruders, K Tron Volumetric and Loss in Weight feeders, Strand Die Cutters and Die Face cutter.
  • Segmental Screw design and the variety of down stream equipment available, gives IOCL an unparalleled flexibility when it comes to developing customer specific products.
  • IOCL can process full range of Poly Olefins, Nylons, ABS, PC-ABS Alloys, TPE’s and TPUs to cater to varied customer requirements
  • IOCL can handle full range of additives including liquids
  • IOCL can supply highly loaded Master Batches with solids up to 80%

Master Batches improve and modify the performance of Polymers, through the incorporation of various Additives during the melt / extrusion process.

Our performance enhancing solutions for plastics encompass a customized approach to our clients’ product and service needs. Each customer’s specific application needs are studied before our R&D approves sample submission.

Tailor made Master Batches are developed to meet the growing need for innovative performance oriented products in expanding markets.

Our newly established state of the art manufacturing facilities in Pune, together with our dedicated team of specialists assure product quality and market support to our customers.

We engineer and compound high performance polymers and resins to meet a wide range of performance requirements with superior dispersion and colour consistency.


We disperse different types of additives into a polymer carrier. We custom make Master Batches to work on all common polymers, under varying processes. We focus on special Plastic Compounds and Additives for Flame Retardant Master Batch Applications and specialized small volume Master Batches with superior quality and service.

Range of customers in various industries

  • Injection and blow moulding
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Cables
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Electrical and Home appliances

Enhancing the performance of thermoplastic parts improving manufacturing efficiency.

Properties of Master Batch

  • An ideal flame retardant system should be easily processed and should safeguard the physical and aesthetic properties of a polymer.
  • The flame retarded product must have good tensile strength, impact resistance and elongation.
  • Finished product to be untinted and translucent.