Research and Development


Research and development is a core strength of Indian Oxides and Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Our team is committed to creating new products and taking on challenging projects in this rapidly evolving FR industry.

Our focus is on creating application specific flame retardant materials designed to take our customer’s products to levels of performance beyond what is currently available in the market. Over the last three decades, we have worked continuously to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of cost effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly FR solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, helping to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

IOCPL R&D has been recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), a part of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Government of India.

IOCPL R&D is also included in the scope of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001


With our expert technicians and state of the art manufacturing and testing facility we are constantly exploring new and exciting opportunities for FR applications.

Custom Solutions

We work closely with our customers to understand their detailed technical requirements and develop bespoke FR solutions.

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Our eco-friendly thermic process assures that all of our products and services are developed in a way that is not only cost effective, but environmentally friendly as well.

R&D Formulations


Through our formulations division, IOCPL is able to create a range of products designed to meet the complex requirements dynamic marketplace. We can tailor a custom solution for companies operating across various industries and working with a wide range of base polymers.

We offer “One Pack” FR solutions for PVC as well as other polymers, which provide efficient FR properties including smoke suppression, LOI enhancement, smoke density, and many others.

PVC is inherently more flame retardant than the other commodity polymers, however the addition of plasticizers reduces the resistance to flame. The result of adding these additives to PVC is better, safer product for our clients and consumers. IOCPL also offers wide range of solutions for the textile industry, including cotton, polyester, nylon and blends, and several others. All of our custom formulations are designed to meet the flammability & durability performance specifications of customer’s, and are tailored to their individual requirements.

In addition, we offer polyurethane products that have applications for foam, with FR performance achieved in both rigid as well as flexible foam. Our dedicated team is focused on discovering new alternatives to traditional ATO formulations, in search of sustainable substitutes that do not affect base FR and other properties.

R&D Masterbatches & Compounds


As the world becomes more specialized, so do the FR requirements of our customers. To meet this evolving demand for bespoke solutions, IOCPL created our masterbatches and compounds division.

Most flame retardants are found in form of powder, which can be difficult to handle for processing during extrusion & injection molding. To improve upon this, IOCPL has created our masterbatch & compound division, which offers FR concentrate in granular form or ready-to-use compounds. Masterbatches & compounds are easy to use for extrusion or injection molding products, and help to maintain a dust free environment.

Our skilled team has the ability to manufacture masterbatches & compounds for various polymers, including PVC, polyolefins, styenics, polyamides and several others. We have the capability to meet flammability specifications of different flammability standards including UL, DIN, NFPA etc.