Grade RoHS / Non RoHS Halogenated / Non Halogenated Description Application Datasheet
FLAMEGUARD® P-092 RoHS Non Halogenated An Intumescent Non Toxic, Non Halogenated one pack formulation meeting UL-94 V0 Flamability Rating For PPCP / PPHP extruder and injection molding applications meeting low smoke, Non Toxicity. Flamability requirements Download PDF
FLAMEGUARD® D-061 RoHS Halogenated One pack cost effective Halogenated Formulation meeting UL-94 V0 & V2 Flamability Rating at low dosage In PPCP / PPHP for E&Es and Battery applications Download PDF
FLAMEGUARD® D-062 RoHS Halogenated One pack ready to use formulation in powder form meeting UL-94 HB and FMVSS 302 Flamability Ratings In PE Foams, HDPE Pipe, Tarpaulin Download PDF